Conference Schedule
“Networks and Connections in World History”

March 27-28, 2010

All events will take place in International Village

A reception will be held at the Alumni Center on Saturday, March 27

Saturday March 27

8:15   Breakfast and Registration (Room 14)

9:00   Formal welcome and greeting by History Dept. Chair, Dr. Laura Frader

9:15–10:45   Session I

Panel 1: American Conceptions of the Other
(Room 22)

Chair: Dr. Charissa Threat (Northeastern University)

11:00–12:30   Session II

Panel 2: Ideology, Mythology and Nationalism: Constructing and Dismantling Empire
(Room 22)

Chair: Maryanne Rhett (Monmouth University)

Panel 3: Nodes of Exploration: Networks and the Narrative of World History
(Room 16/18)

Chair: Dr. Karin Velez (Northeastern University)

12:30–1:30   Lunch

1:30–3:00   Session III

Panel 4: Nodes of Culture: Individuals and Artifacts as Imagined Centers
(Room 22)

Chair: Dr. Timothy Brown (Northeastern University)

Panel 5: Forging Connections Across Borders: Intellectuals in World History
(Room 16/18)

Chair: Dr. Raja Adal (Harvard University)

3:00–3:30   Afternoon Coffee/Tea Break

3:30–5:00   Session IV

Panel 6: Religion and Print Culture
(Room 22)

Chair: Dr. William Fowler (Northeastern University)

Panel 7: “States and the Internationalization of Policies and Institutions”
(Room 16/18)

Chair: Dr. Katherine Luongo (Northeastern University)

5:15–6:30   Keynote Speaker (Room 19)

Dr. Adam McKeown (Columbia University): “Putting Networks in History and History in Networks”

6:30   Reception (Alumni Center, 716 Columbus Ave.)

Sunday March 28

8:30   Breakfast

9:15–10:45   Session V

Panel 8: To be Different is to be Dangerous
(Room 22)

Chair: Dr. Tiffany Trimmer (Bowling Green State University)

Panel 9: Contested Connections in Central Asia and the Middle East
(Room 16/18)

Chair: Dr. Sahar Bazzaz (College of the Holy Cross)

11:00–12:30   Session VI

Panel 10: China and the World
(Room 22)

Chair: Dr. Christina Gilmartin (Northeastern University)

Panel 11: International Networks and Definitions of Citizenship
(Room 16/18)

Chair: Rachel Gillett (Northeastern University)

12:30–1:30   Lunch

1:30–3:30   Session VII

Roundtable: Gendered Connections in World History
(Room 22)

Chair: Dr. Laura Frader (Northeastern University)

3:45   Concluding Remarks