Call for Papers: “Networks and Connections in World History,” Northeastern University’s Second Annual Graduate Student Conference, March 27-28, 2010

The Northeastern University History Graduate Students and the NU History Department invite submissions to their upcoming graduate student conference, “Networks and Connections in World History.” Graduate students working in all disciplines of the arts and social sciences are encouraged to submit topical papers, artwork and documentaries.

The conference invites scholarly work that challenges our notions of boundaries and borders. Interdisciplinary papers that employ innovative methodologies to examine world history are welcome. Participants are specifically encouraged to consider how networks have affected gender identities, migration and diasporas, social movements, and religious affiliations throughout world history. Gender networks are especially of interest to the conference committee, and students who submit papers on gender will be eligible to take place in a roundtable discussion on this subject that will conclude the conference. Submissions to this conference should be prepared to explore some of the following questions: How do transnational networks and connections manifest themselves differently throughout the world? How are such networks formed and what impact do these networks have on the construction of identities or ideologies? How have networks and connections countered the historical influence of the nation-state? How can the study of connections shed light on moments of disjuncture and disconnection in world history?

Both individual and panel proposals will be considered. Regardless of medium (visual media or scholarly paper), panelists will have fifteen minutes each to present. The following documents should be sent to the program committee at by December 1, 2009, to be considered. Selected panelists will be notified via email by January 15, 2010.

Individual Panelists:

– 250 word abstract describing paper or artwork. Please specify the type of media you will be presenting, and include your name, email address, and phone number.
– List of supplies needed, if applicable
– Brief curriculum vitae

– 250 word abstract for each paper or artwork to be presented with the panel
– List of all panel members (3 per panel) with chairperson designated. (The conference committee will also assign chairpersons, if necessary).
– 250 word abstract that discusses the theme of the panel
– Brief curriculum vitae for each panelist

Please contact with any questions.